Beyond the 5 senses

5 sensesWe’re all familiar with the five senses such as: vision, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting. How many of us are familiar with the two other senses such as sensing and receiving?

Sensing and receiving can be associated with instinct and spiritual(non-religious). It is not until we understand the association with our thoughts and all of our senses(all seven of them) will we be able to understand the power within us.

Refinement of all of our senses are necessary and essential to the development of our consciousness. Meditation helps by providing increased awareness and focus. Increased awareness and focus will allow you to refine your instinctual and spiritual senses. Know the difference between instinctual and spiritual. Because we have been taught to pay attention to only the five senses mentioned earlier, our instinctual and spiritual senses have become dormant yet they are still a part of our existence.

Do not associate spiritual and instinctual with religious connotation, magical or supernatural. The instinctual and spiritual senses represent a fine material energy which is difficult to explain and comprehend with words alone. Unfortunately, like other words in our dictionaries the meaning of spiritual and instinctual have been lost.

Trust your gut is often what we mean when we think of the word instinct, or listening to that inner voice. Spiritual on the other hand has been given a religious meaning and because of that, the separation of spiritual and religious is difficult if not impossible.

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