Dealing with feelings

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Our feelings have been the fabric of our lives and we have used our feelings to control and manipulate those around us. At every opportunity while dealing with our feelings, instead of enhancing our decisions or our results, our feelings have stood in the way of making progress.

It is essential to deal with your feelings in a logical and rational manner. It is no longer healthy to allow our feelings to run the show. In the past allowing our feelings to take over has been an accepted practice. Presently our feelings can no longer take the front seat in our lives. Dealing with our feelings requires an awareness and a focus. Dealing with our feelings requires maturity and honesty. Managing our feelings is the ultimate prerequisite to obtaining peace, harmony and desired results. If we continue to allow our feelings to dictate our lives, it will eliminate any opportunity to evolve and expand our consciousness and find success.

Feelings are a  natural part of being human however feelings are not what makes us human. Our feelings are tools to manage our role as a human being. The purpose of feelings were not for control or manipulation of others, feelings work in sync with our process of evolution. In other words, feelings were to enhance a situation but not to control it.

Meditation helps by increasing awareness and with increased awareness it becomes uncomfortable and painful to continue to control or manipulate others including yourself. Why? Is the equivalent to stabbing yourself in the head over and over again. In other words, it is illogical, irrational not to mention delusional.

No one likes to be controlled or manipulated but on a daily basis we do this to ourselves and to others. Most of that is due to the fact we are unaware and are operating unconsciously.

Dealing with feelings requires an honest reflection and a honest approach. We can no longer make an excuse and take our feelings for granted…. Meaning the inappropriate behaviors associated with an undesired result cannot be blamed on our feelings.
We have to take full responsibility for our feelings and the behaviors and results we’ve created.

The management of feelings is a beautiful thing. It opens up the opportunity for peace, harmony and balance without the heavy burden of making excuses. Dealing with feelings quiets the mind chatter, eliminates the noise, wipes away the clouds and allows clear vision.

In order to find success in every aspect of your life, make an effort to deal with your feelings now. Take action, step ahead of your feelings and be a driver in your own world. white lotus


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