Examining your beliefs

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Beliefs are the focal point in most of our lives. Many wars and many battles have been fought over beliefs. Our beliefs are so penetrated within our lives, the mere fact of examining our beliefs creates a lot of tension. Some of us become extremely uncomfortable when someone questions their beliefs. If you took the time to think about what you believe, for some of us it may be overwhelming and for others it may be disturbing.

Examining our beliefs is just as important as raising a family, entering a marriage, having children, or going to work every day. Our beliefs impact our decisions. Our beliefs impact our results.

Since most of us act on our beliefs unconsciously, we blame our results on the outside. We believe someone from the outside caused our pain and our suffering.

Ask yourself why do I have such a belief? Ask yourself where did this belief come from? Ask yourself what has this belief done for me, for my family?

Like so many who have taken the time to  examine their beliefs, the answers have been shocking. We have taken for granted certain cultural and universal beliefs and not for a moment stop to think about the consequences.

The power we have given our beliefs is so deep within our consciousness,  the only tool available to assist with examining our beliefs is meditation. Meditation will help to bring awareness to your beliefs. Meditation if done properly will assist with removal of beliefs and replacement with truth.

Make no mistake the removal or elimination of beliefs and replacement with truth is not as simple as it sounds. Why? Our beliefs are attached to our very existence however beliefs are unnatural. Many assume beliefs are knowledge and that is the most erroneous error of all.

Children instinctually know beliefs are illogical and irrational however children have no defense against beliefs indoctrinated within them by their parents and their environment.

Overtime during  the natural evolution of  our consciousness, having beliefs will be a thing of the past. All of us would have replaced beliefs with knowledge. All of us would have understand the importance of knowing how we created our results and no longer will we need anything from the outside to interfere with that process.

However in the meantime we have a lot of work to do and together this can be accomplished but it requires incorporating meditation into our daily lives, and examining our beliefs now.

Where to start? You start by accepting responsibility and taking action to examine your beliefs. Does that mean you will have to give up watching television for a while? The answer is yes.

Beliefs adversely affect decision-making skills, and  reasoning skills. Beliefs clouds judgment and ability to manage given situations properly.

Take note of every time you talk to yourself or to someone else about what you believe and when you are alone, ask yourself how has this belief served me? Ask yourself has this belief given me the results I desire? Ask yourself again where did this belief come from? If you cannot answer those questions, that’s a serious problem. Why? Think about it, we expect those outside ourselves to provide us with proof and evidence right? Would you agree you deserve the same kind of proof and evidence about your beliefs?

Some of the most difficult task lie ahead  when examining the beliefs given to us by our parents, our communities, our environments, cultures or heritages. Those examinations will require deep reflection and total honesty. Incorporating a meditation program into your life will make the process much more attainable than without meditation.

Use this opportunity when examining your beliefs as a time to probe was going on inside of you. It is not the time to blame anyone including yourself. The process of examining your beliefs is just as important as any acquisition of an educational degree. The process is difficult and requires quiet time alone. However, it would be the best investment of your life.


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