Expanding your consciousness

With the rapidly growing amount of information out there, we are all overwhelmed and in some cases confused. There areMeditation waterfall several meanings to word consciousness. Most of us assume consciousness is outside of ourselves. When in fact, consciousness is all around us as well as a part of us. It is essential and necessary that we understand how consciousness works and why we all need to do this now.

Expanding our consciousness requires a deep reflection of our thoughts and our actions. Expanding our consciousness will allow us to create the best possible outcomes in our lives.

So what is consciousness? Consciousness equals awareness and awareness equals consciousness. It is just that simple and easy. Both consciousness and awareness work together.

We have allowed our lives to become so overwhelmed with so much information whether through the gadgets we all consume, or the amount of stimulated objects around us. It is easy to get lost and to be confused about the importance of our consciousness and why more than ever we need to pay attention to our consciousness and take the opportunity to expand our consciousness.

At this time, meditation is the only tool available to assist with the expansion of our consciousness. In other words, meditation enhances our  awareness resulting into expansion of our consciousness. I know for some of us a simple and easy answer may be hard to digest however it is just that simple and just that easy.

For most of us we cannot accept something that is simple and easy. We all live a complicated and stressful life which causes us to miss opportunities and miss directions which will enhance our lives and allow us to live as we choose to live without the boundaries of what we’ve created while living in  peace and harmony.

Some of us do not feel worthy of a peaceful and harmonious life. We complicate the situation by interfering and sabotaging our own peace of mind. Some of us have created an environment which is unrecognizable and in some cases extremely harmful. We desire constant stimulation from the outside whether in the form of a new gadget or toy.

We miss the subtle signs guiding us to the inside in order to find balance. We missed the subtle guidance offered to us in a most simple and easy form.

With meditation incorporated into your life eventually you’ll start to wake up and pay attention to the subtle signs and subtle directions given to you. Do not complicate the issue or situation by expecting more than that because expansion of the consciousness is not complicated. Expansion of the consciousness is as natural as breathing.

Make an effort to start meditating every day no matter what because it is your obligation to be aware and it is your obligation to expand your consciousness. Why?  Because you deserve to live in peace and harmony.

Find out what expansion of consciousness means to you. Find out what it means to you to live in peace and harmony. Find out why you’ve created the situation you are now faced with and find out now.

While others spend their time preparing for one disaster after another, make an effort to spend your time understanding what is happening inside of you and prepare for the answers that will be revealed to you. Preparation for a disaster is important however preparation for your management of that disaster is most important.

Let’s face it we all experience our share of disasters and catastrophes and the like and in most cases it is unavoidable. But most of the destruction is happening inside of ourselves and that is the most sad part of it all.

Seek to find a meditation tool which will assist you with rapidly becoming more aware which in turn will assist with you become a more peaceful.

Reach out to others express to them the importance of meditating daily and stress to them the importance of expanding their consciousness.

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