If I knew better I would do better

If I knew better, I would do better.

How many times have you said this to yourself or heard it from someone else?

Is it  true, if we knew better, we would do better?

We have all been faced with troubling situations only to promise ourselves or others, we will not put myself in that situation again, only to repeat the same cycles over and over again.

We have all witnessed troubling situations, only to turn away and pretend it did not exist.

When troubling situations happens, why in the world would we continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again?

It begs the question, are we learning from our mistakes?

Are we so far detached from our life situations, where as, we are completely unaware of our actions and behaviors?

We will all agree, we have made a tremendous technological advances with electronics such as computers, phones, video games.

Why are we still living in primitive environments, primitive relationships?

Why don’t we at least consider “reinventing the wheel”? Why haven’t we discovered a cure for cancer?

Once again, I ask, are we learning anything or are we just comfortable?

Why is it so hard to change? Why would we continue to accept difficult, paralyzing situations?

Do we really want to change? I mean, we have all made promises to ourselves and others, only to disappoint over and over again.

As was shared in other previous posts, meditation will open doors and offer solutions. The process of meditation forces you to pay attention and be aware of your actions and behaviors.

So if we are all meditating, what are we missing?

Sometimes, I wonder if we truly understand what we are doing to ourselves, to others and to the environment.

We definitely know better and there are solutions. I am not convinced we truly want those answers at least not at this moment.

Do you agree?





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