Scientific Research

Scientific Research Validates Holosync’s Benefits (a revolution in neuroscience: tuning the brain) By Bill Harris, Director, Centerpointe Research Institute Science ushered in a new era in our ability to learn, be creative, remember, control our moods, reduce stress, resolve unwanted behavior patterns, and a host of other desirable ends, with […]

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Meditation in every action

When you start to pay attention and become more aware it’s amazing what you see, what you hear, and what you smell. Each moment takes on a new beginning. The experiences in nature are captivating and mesmerizing. With increased awareness, an appreciation for the animals, the plants, the people and […]

Dealing with feelings

Our feelings have been the fabric of our lives and we have used our feelings to control and manipulate those around us. At every opportunity while dealing with our feelings, instead of enhancing our decisions or our results, our feelings have stood in the way of making progress. It is […]

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