The truth of the matter

The truth of the matter….


The topic of meditation has taken off in recent years.
Everybody’s doing it….or are they?

The clear truth about meditation:


The process of meditation is easy.



You can meditate while working, sleeping, talking or walking in

the park. You can meditate while listening to music, writing,

even watching television, or surfing the internet.


Meditation is flexible, however meditation doesn’t require a

special seating position, environment or clothing.


Meditation has been taken to new heights especially in areas

not often associated with the process meditation….such as

meditation retreats, meditation clinics, meditation for children, etc


Meditation is now considered essential to our daily routines.


Let’s now discuss the process of meditation


First of all, meditation is a tool, meaning it serves a purpose

other than a title.


The process of meditating can reveal pertinent information

often hidden or concealed. Again, meditation is easy, however,

the process can open doors to painful, stressful or joyful

moments. Meditation can offer revelations about the fabric of

our lives.


The process of meditation does not stop there because when

those doors are opened, how will you handle the information you

will discover?


It is exciting to witness this generation embracing meditation

as an essential part of our daily routines, however, how are we

handling the flood of information meditation unlocks?


It is important to truly understand the power of meditation and

not lose the opportunities it reveals.


Meditation is not prayer, meaning, prayer seeks answers

outside, while meditation provides answers within.


Meditation will give you the answers you seek. You must ask

yourself, am I ready to receive the answers? Or do we prefer to

pretend we want answers only to ignore what is given?


Some of us have become so comfortable with our standards of

life and refuse to ask the honest questions about self



If we are all embracing meditation in our daily routines, why

are we continuing to walk the same way, talk the same way,

listen the same way and most importantly think the same way?


We will all agree, our attention spans are as short as a

lighting strike.


We all definitely “know” more than we care to admit or accept.


We all have been given information while meditating which will

allow an evolution of our present life situations.


What is standing in the way of our transformation?


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