Uncertainty: A fact of Life

truthaboutmeditation.eyeThe certainties of life may not reveal the truth.


Our lives may be headed in an unexpected direction.

Despite all our best intentions, our lives have no guarantees such as:


1- Even though we have jobs, the next paycheck may not arrive.

2- A Life partner of 10 years may decide to move on.

3- After making the last car payment, the transportation may break down.

4- A friendship of 20 years may dissolve overnight.

5- A trusted business relationship may encountered financial irregularities.

6- A newly purchased home may have hidden dangers.

7- The news of a life threatening illness.

8- A career ending injury.


This list can go on and on and on…..



Our solid foundations may be crumbling underneath our feet no matter how much blood, sweat and tears we may have poured into it.


We cannot runaway from the uncertainties of life despite the anxiety and panic it causes.


We have to push forward, even though we may not know where we are headed.


Do not believe the hype, many people are drowning in a sea of denial.


The smiles may hide the truth, while the tears may be a revelation.


Welcome uncertainty in your life, it is a matter of life and death.


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